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「ヴェルサス」はアメリカに本部のあるCFA( Cat Fanciers Association )とMCBFA( Maine Coon Breeders And Fanciers Association )に所属しており、私どもはCFAの Maine Coon Breeders Council Memberの一員でもある東京在住のキャッテリーです。アメリカのトップブリーダーの方々との交友を通じて、これまでにクオリティーの高いメインクーンを幸いにも所有することができました。私どもは猫のケージ飼いが好きではありません。いつも家族と生活を共にする中で楽しく、伸び伸びと育ててきました。仔猫たちとも、まだ眼の開かないうちからスキンシップを充分にとり、愛情を注いでおります。おかげで仔猫たちは思う存分に遊び回り、よく食べよく眠り、骨格の良い健康で大きなメインクーンに成長しています。




動物取扱業登録番号 12東京都販第001795号
事業所名称     Cattery VERSUS
所在地住所     東京都北区
動物取扱業種別   販売
登録年月日     平成19年8月 9日
登録更新年月日   平成24年8月 9日
有効期間末日    平成29年8月 8日

VERSUS belongs to US based organizations such as CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) and MCBFA (Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association). We are also a member of CFA’s Maine Coon Breeders’ Council. Through friendships with top breeders in the United States, we have fortunately been able to own high-quality Maine Coon cats. Since we don’t like to keep our cats in cages, they have always roamed free at home and are treated as precious members of our family. We also pay special attention to kittens, handling them attentively even before their eyes are open. Our kittens play, eat, and sleep as much as they like, and are well on their way to be strongly-boned, healthy, big Maine Coon cats.

VERSUS’s goal is to breed show quality cats. We have also tried to breed friendly as well as beautiful cats who can make good companions as pets and keep their owners happy.

If you are interested in our kittens, please visit us and see for yourself. We would like you to see their parents and to get to know their personalities so that you can find a kitten satisfactory to you. We are happy to explain about Maine Coon cats and how to take care of kittens. For those of you who live far away from us, we will mail you pictures of our kittens and descriptions of their personalities.

The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.