About Maine Coon

成猫になるまでに約2年 雄は平均体重で7~8kg、雌は4~5kgにもなります。長毛種に属しますが滑らかな毛質なので、毛玉ができにくく、手入れがラクなので飼いやすい猫です。


The Maine Coon breed originated in the state of Maine and is a naturally occurring breed.
The typical body of the breed is hardy, probably in order to adapt to a harsh weather (temperatures vary tremendously) in which they have to survive. Their personality is docile — almost too gentle. There is even a legend which says that the breed originated from a mating between domestic cats and cute raccoons, and hence they are called Maine Coon cats.
Also known as “gentle giant”, Maine Coon cats are distinctive for their large bodies and gentle temperaments. It is known as the biggest breed of all officially recognized breeds.
The Maine Coon takes about 3 years to mature. The average male weighs 7 – 8 kg (15 – 18 lb), and the average female weighs 4 – 5 kg (9 – 11 lb). Although it belongs to a longhair breed, the coat of the Maine Coon cats is smooth and not easily matted, making it easy to groom and therefore easy to take care of.

Like any large breed, Maine Coons have generous, relaxed attitude. They seldom meow and, despite their sweet personality, are highly dignified.
They also have a tendency of loving solitude and going their own way — I love this moderate sense of aloofness.

When they reach adulthood, they have an exceptionally elegant beauty. Just looking at them is a pleasure to the eyes, giving me the same heartwarming feeling I have when looking at a fine painting.


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