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Sire Dam
CFA GC, NW Cuzzoe Bahram of Versus-7 CFA CH Versus Clair
CFA GC, NW Cuzzoe Bahram of Versus CFA CH Versus Clair

Born July 08, 2015

CIMG9088 (480x640)

Silver Tabby Maine Coon ( Male) 8/31撮影


CIMG9080 (447x640)
Brown Tabby – White Maine Coon  (Male) 8/31撮影
CIMG9131 (480x640)

Silver Tabby and White (Female) 8/31撮影


Sire Dam
CFA GC,RW Versus Legend CFA CH Versus Abigale
CFA GC, RW Versus Legend CFA CH Versus Abigale

Born July 02, 2015

 CIMG9084 (470x640)
 Silver Tabby (Female) 8/31撮影
 CIMG9097 (492x640)

 Black Smoke and White ( Female) 8/31撮影


 CIMG9169 (435x640) (2)

 Brown Tabby ( Female) 8/31撮影


 CIMG9181 (466x640)
 Black Smoke ( Female) 8/31撮影
 CIMG9209 (473x640)
 Black Smoke ( Male ) 8/31撮影

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