CFA GC, NW Cuzzoe Bahram of Versus Pedigree

Sire-Coon Classic Night Owl
s-Coon Classic Night Stalker
s-Broads-Way Redding
d-Coon Classic Enigma
d-Sarajen Victoria of Coon Classic
Silver Patched Tabby
s-Sarajen Shiner Bock
Silver Tabby
d-Sarajen Giorgia Moon
Brown Patched Tabby
Dam-GC, NW Cuzzoe Hearts-A-Fire, DM
Brown Patched Tabby
s-CH Cuzzoe Rain Delay
Silver Tabby
s-GC Ailurophile Infrared of Javacats
Red Tabby
d-Sarajen Silver Rain
Silver Tabby-White
d-GC, RW Honeycoon Genesis of Cuzzoe
Brown Patched Tabby-White
s-CH Honeycoon Chuck Tamato
Red Tabby-White
d-GC Tuvets Sahara Gold of Honeymoon
Brown Tabb