Year Position Cat’s Name Color Sex
1976-77 The Maine Coon was first recognized in CFA
No National winners
1977-78 none
1978-79 none
1979-80 none
1980-81 none
1981-82 19th Best Cat GC, NW Tufpaws Rosette Brown Patched Tabby/White F
1982-83 none
1983-84 9th Best Alter  GC, GP, NW Tufpaws Pepe Le Peu of Cheyenne Black/White M
1984-85 none
1985-86 none
1986-87 none
1987-88  14th Best Cat GC, NW Terrificats P.C. Gambit, DM Brown Tabby/White   M
1988-89 none
1989-90 7th Best Cat GC, NW Kanab’s Luanne’s Mahogany Rush, DM Red Tabby/White M
1990-91 18th Best Cat  GC, NW Groovycats Alexander The Great Brown McTabby/White M
1991-92 14th Best Cat  GC, NW Bangor’s Eskimo Pie Black/White  M
15th Best Cat GC, NW Buctales Dirty Dancer Brown McTabby/White M
19th Best Cat GC, NW Kanab’s Luanne’s Vincent of Bentley Black/White M
1992-93 17th Best Cat GC, NW Coonsboro Calvin Coonidge  Brown McTabby M
1993-94 8th Best Cat  GC, NW Noogats Renault Blanc Gold-Eyed White M
1994-95 18th Best Cat  GC, NW Coonsboro Beni Pussalini of Angtini Brown McTabby/White M
1995-96 none  
1996-97 none  
1997-98 14th Best Cat GC, NW Kankoonkats Leviticus Brown McTabby/White M
25th Best Cat GC, NW Kamelotkoons Mattlock of Abizaq Brown McTabby/White M
1998-99 19th Best Alter  GC, GP, NW Noogats Josef Nouille Brown Tabby M
1999-2000  3rd Best Cat GC, NW Verismo Wotan-Of-Valhalla  Brown Tabby M
22nd Best Cat   GC, NW Verismo Tannhauser of Zephyr Ridge Brown Tabby/White M
25th Best Cat GC, NW Lochlily Highlander of Lochmoor Brown Tabby/White M
7th Best Kitten GC, NW Kankoonkats Alexander Of Versus Brown McTabby/White M
13th Best Premier GC, GP, NW Masteast Jonathan Edwards, DM Brown Tabby/White M
18th Best Premier CH, GP, NW Meowy-Kazowy Gypsy of Windancefarm Calico F
2000-2001 23rd Best Cat GC, NW Texas Belle Bellini of Maroon Coons Calico F
16th Best Premier GP, NW Shubacoons Jonesy Brown McTabby M
2001-2002 10th Best Cat GC, NW Cabincoon Dakota  Red Tabby/White M
18th Best Premier GP, NW Texas Belle Baylor of Coonections Red McTabby/White M
2002-2003 5th Best Cat  GC, NW Verismo Donner Brown Tabby M
7th Best Kitten  GC, NW McKittycreek T Ruxpin of Shubacoons  Brown Tabby M
11th Best Kitten  GC, NW J-Nine’s Johnny B. Goode Brown Tabby/White M
12th Best Premier  GP, NW Angtini Okee-Dokee Brown Tabby/White M